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This section of our website the where our "fun" jobs are listed. These are the jobs that require a bit of design, forethought, layout and time. We are more than happy to work with you on these types of projects as well. Take a look at some of the projects we have already done so far.

Select the picture of the project to see more details and pictures.

"Hog Roaster 5000"  

The hog roaster got it's name because of the over build of functions and structure. It is a pig roaster designed to handle a pig up to about 250 lbs on the spit. It is built on a trailer to be transported easily by any vehicle with a typical towing package. The design is such that the operator can perform all work from ground level without being on the trailer. The winch is positioned so that it can lift the pig from the dressing table at the back of the table to the grill and once cooked it brings the hog back to the table to be served.


Mud Oven and



The Mud Oven and Barbeque-Smoker were projects made for a customer's backyard kitchen.  Mud Ovens have been in use for thousands of years and are made mostly of clay baked by the wood fire used to heat it.  Baking is done using heat retained in the clay after the fire is removed. The main use of this oven is for bread and pizza. This design uses a metal door, door frame and chimney fabricated by MMS.  The door frame was cemented into the base slab and the oven built around it.  The barbeque-smoker is also designed to burn wood logs and permanently installed.  Grilling is done directly over the wood flames on the left side and barbequing and hot smoking is done on the right side using indirect heat.  Burners salvaged from a wood cook stove were incorporated into the barbeque unit and are used to cook over the wood heat in pots and pans.

"Trail Master 5000"  

This project started to be a repair of an old trailer. We were going to replace the rotting wood of an old trailer. We instead rebuilt it from the axle up.




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