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MMS and the Internet

As many of you know we at MMS are not the biggest fans of computers and networking. In fact we would not have this web site if it was not to keep our consultant quite for awhile. But we do realize there are some advantages to it and that many other businesses and industries are already very much involved in e-business, e-commerce, networking, and all those other things we keep hearing about but don't quite understand. We also believe that there are various levels that people are willing to get involved; from just getting information all the way to making banking transactions.

We would like to know from you, our customer just how much you would like to be involved with us via the internet. If we see enough interest in an area we will begin implementation of that service. MMS is convinced that in the future some of our transaction will be done on the Internet, but we are not sure that day will arrive in our industry for several more years. But with your help we can provide you with the type of Internet communication you want.

Simply fill out the following questionnaire and click on the submit button at the end of the questions. You can provide as much information and answer as many questions as you like, you information will be kept in confidence and not used for any other purposes other than to analyze MMS customer service needs. Your information will not be given, sold or shown to any other company or individual.


Would you like to receive information from MMS via e-mail

(flyers, ads, sales info, etc. maximum of 4 per year)?



Would you like to check your job status via the internet ?       


Would you like to be notified via e-mail when your job has been completed?       


Would you like to view you account via the internet?        


Would you like to have your invoices and statements sent to you via e-mail? Yes       


In order to provide your information on-line we do need at least your e-mail ID.





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